Mantras are special patterns and combinations of sound which can be repeated, bringing about a cleansing and healing of the mind. The progress can feel slow and in the beginning, sometimes it seems as if nothing is happening. However, if one continues with love and devotion, they will come to see definite results.  It only takes love, devotion, and steadiness. 

Just as a water-well can be dug fully only when shovels of dirt are repeatedly removed, the mind can be cleaned by repeatedly chanting mantra. Will you see a completed well by shoveling only once, or even one hundred times? Sometimes we expect immediate results. If we humbly, lovingly dig into our inner subconscious mind, little by little, removing a small pile of dirt each day with mantra, we will eventually notice a deepening, then glistening cavern of a beautiful, clean mind. Ultimately, when we keep digging deeper, we hit a hidden river of nectar! And forever more, if we continue to dig and keep it clean, we can access this river of nectar, and share it with others through our own mental clarity.